Movements between regions from June 3, two hypotheses: all free together or postponement of 7 days


Free travel between the regions from 3 June or postponement of a week of the entry into force of the decree for all. These are the two hypotheses that the government will submit to the governors in the conference called for tomorrow. After protests and controversies over the possibility that the seven-day delay affects only Lombardy and Piedmont, mediation is being sought with the Southern Regions that threaten to allow only those who present with the serological test carried out in the previous three days to enter their territory . A possibility that Minister Francesco Boccia has already rejected, but the goal remains to avoid tearing. And therefore not excluded that the freedom of transfer is confirmed by providing a short quarantine for those who go to some areas. A rule that must also apply to foreigners who arrive in Italy. The Italians have shown responsibility, I think it is appropriate to guarantee freedom of movement with the certainty that this will not increase the infections, explains Undersecretary for Health Sandra Zampa.

Monitoring and Rt

The provision which came into force on May 18 provides that from June 3 there will no longer be any limitation to move across the country. The data concerning Lombardy, with an always high number of new ones infected, in the last few days had made to hypothesize one delayed reopening, also taking into account the wall raised in the Center-South (Sardinia and Sicily in the lead), which could also concern Piedmont. Today the new data of the weekly monitoring carried out by the Ministry of Health will arrive and on the basis of the trend of the epidemic curve, especially of the Rt factor – the contagious rate of the coronavirus – it will be decided what to do. The report takes into account 21 indicators reworked by two algorithms and takes into consideration the swabs made, the new sick, the healed and the deceased, but also the maintenance of the health facilities. For the purpose of moving, therefore, of what can be done in the coming weeks when citizens go around on holidays, the indicator to take into account that of new infections. The confrontation between the government and the Regions is already set for tomorrow, when the control room will also meet.

Short quarantine

The government line is to move forward together. So – unless there is a surge in new positives in Lombardy or other regions – it will be proposed to confirm free circulation on Wednesday. And if some governors were to express fears regarding arrivals in view of the holidays, containment measures will be proposed that can still reassure the residents. Excluding the possibility of imposing the serological test before crossing the border, other measures are being considered. Among these there is the so-called short quarantine, four or five days that can make it possible to exclude that the person has contracted the virus. It is a rule that risks to discourage the recovery of tourism and therefore it is not at all obvious that it will be accepted.

The postponement to seven days

If, on the other hand, the data were not positive, the free movement of one week should be postponed and the government still thinks of a provision that does not distinguish between the various Regions. a hypothesis that the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza – certainly the most prudent within the executive – would see favorably, also supported by the opinion of scientists who for days have invited to proceed with caution to avoid the creation of new outbreaks. It seems clear that this type of choice is likely to provoke controversy and clashes between the presidents, but in this last step of phase 2 the government wants to pass the line of equal rules for all. Restrictive measures with respect to decrees are not prohibited, but must still be in line. Otherwise we will challenge the measures before the TAR, Boccia has already clarified.

Foreigners arriving

The awareness of the opening of borders weighs on this orientation. From June 3, in fact, it is already foreseen that it is possible to arrive from abroad without being subjected to any surveillance measures and therefore excluded that there may be unequal treatment between Italians and foreigners.

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