Movements between regions, divided governors


Movements between regions, divided governors

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From 3 June there will be no need for self-certification. From Wednesday in fact the last ban will also fall: that of moving from one region to another. Citizens will therefore be free to leave their region without having to bring any forms with them. As also said the President of the Puglia Region Michele Emiliano “is the time has come to reopen the country“, aware of the” conflicts between the Regions “which, however,” are not as strong as you can imagine “.” There is obviously an attempt by some Regions that have very low epidemiological levels to maintain them “, he underlines. But since “the governors do not have the power to close their Regions, I can not ask for a rule that is not imposed by the dpcm to guarantee freedom of movement. What you can do is, for example, ask those who come to report their presence and keep track of the contacts they have with the local population or with other people “.

To propose the “health passport “the President of Sardinia Christian Solinas but as underlined by the Minister for Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia, the Regions cannot limit the free movement of people, means and things on the national territory, which is guaranteed by the Constitution. And they cannot request tourists to show a health passport that certifies the health of the individual citizen, for the simple reason that in Italy the health passport does not exist, otherwise we would already have it all in our pocket together with an identity card.

“We believe we must underline that it is really not clear what the merit reasons that can motivate a general opening measure and the non-limitation of mobility are not even for the provinces still heavily affected by the infection”, writes the governor of Campania Vincenzo De Luca, on the Facebook page. Anyway, he still wants to clarify: “Lombardi in Positano on June 4th? Yes, they can come”. Also Enrico Rossi, president of the Tuscany Region, in a Facebook post, express his doubts: “It seems that all of Italy will be reopened. If so, all I can do is adapt. But I’m not convinced. I wonder why Lombardy, which has a much higher level of positives than other regions, should be treated like the others, with the risk of putting the contagions around again. Perhaps more prudence would have been appropriate for the Lombards and for all Italians “.

“There is too much pressure, including on the Technical Scientific Committee. If necessary, we will take countermeasures. We will not accept forcing, “said theLazio Health Councilor Alessio D’Amato in view of the possible reopening of transfers between regions starting from 3 June.

No quarrel and no closure. Beyond verbal simplification, the first to want to be reassured is the tourist. The Health and Tourism departments of my region are working on a protocol. The password is to reopen safely. Even if the scientific world tells us that one hundred percent security doesn’t exist, “he says Nello Musumeci, president of the Sicily Region, in an interview with the newspaper ‘Il Corriere della Sera’. “‘Safe Sicily’ is our motto. And for this it will be necessary to verify the origin, the existence of any suspicious cases in the family, indicate the traceability of the presence of the tourist day after day,” he underlines.

“There reopening of regional borders from June 3 is a fair decision in my opinion“says the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala, in the usual video message posted on Facebook. Sala then recalled” that the use of a mask is mandatory in Lombardy until June 24 “.

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