MotoGP, Ciabatti: “Dovizioso? Without haste: Ducati is the most competitive bike”


The news of the day is undoubtedly the passage of Jack Miller in the official team starting next season. We wrote it on May 19th, today’s was the confirmation.

Ducati therefore began to discover the cards in view of 2021 and thought about it Paolo Ciabatti to intervene on the matter. In the long talk, the sports director of the Casa di Borgo Panigale explained the reasons that led to this choice, that is, inside the Australian and outside Petrucci.

In addition to the hot topic of the day, it is not missing a hint to what is the negotiation for the renewal of Andrea Dovizioso, as well as rumors related to the arrival of Jorge Martin in the Pramac team.

“The initial idea was to wait for the start of this season to plan the team for 2021 – the Piedmontese manager began – Jack was one of the candidates to join the official team. Unfortunately, however, due to the spread of COVID-19, we found ourselves facing an unprecedented situation, having to rely on the results of last season and consequently we came to this choice. We talked about it last week at Ducati (HERE our reconstruction) , exploring this possibility and then realizing it “.

What convinced you to bet on Miller?

“The assessment was made based on what the pilot’s potential is and what he can still express. Jack is only 25 years old, in some ways he may already be considered as a MotoGP veteran, but we believe that this was the right time, given that the official bike can give him an extra motivation. It is a decision that we are satisfied with, even if it was certainly not easy given the failure to start the World Cup “.

What does Ducati ask Miller for 2020 and 2021?

“We expect from him that, having a bike identical to the official one, he will demonstrate a path of growth with greater continuity in performance. Maybe in some situations he lacked constancy, but at the same time we are convinced he can go to fill these gaps, fighting for the podium in all races. This applies to him, as well as to all official Ducati riders. “

To date Miller has won only once in MotoGP. Do you worry?

“As I said it was not an easy choice, but we are convinced of our decision. Obviously you are never sure of the choices until you see the results on the track. However, we are of the opinion that he can go to fill some of his gaps to achieve the completeness he seeks.

Miller’s arrival results in farewell to Petrucci.

“We told Danilo that for 2021 we had a different set-up in mind, namely an official team made up of Dovizioso and Miller. This does not mean that Danilo is out of Ducati, as we have yet to reach an agreement with Dovizioso. We, like Ducati, would like Danilo to remain in Ducati’s orbit, evaluating una possibility in Superbike, if there were no alternatives for him in MotoGP. This is because we are fond of Danilo as a person and pilot “.

This means that Davies risks the place.

“Ducati has proposed this possibility in SBK to its manager, Alberto Vergani, which must be considered as interesting by Petrucci. Obviously it will be necessary to deal with Cecconi, patron of Aruba. And here we stopped with the speeches. But with this I don’t mean that Davies is out of the Ducati Superbike, I would keep it clear, since we haven’t talked about anything yet “.

Why hasn’t Petrucci earned the confirmation?

“I am of the idea that Danilo’s 2019 season, I am obviously talking about the second part, was below his and our expectations, after a positive start that saw him win at Mugello. Having to take stock of that World Cup, in the second part he got lost on the road and then struggled to regain competitiveness, which he also admitted. Certainly this did not work in his favor, as well the spread of COVID-19, which resulted in the postponement in the World Cup. Sometimes, however, there are times when decisions need to be made, with the risk that they may be wrong, but you still have to choose. “

Petrucci aside, there is the Dovizioso question. Where are we at?

“The goal of Ducati and, I also think of Andrea, is to continue together. We are currently going through an economically complicated time, especially if we turn our gaze to September. I don’t want to be a catastrophist, but we have very complicated months on the financial side. Certainly, it is not possible to engage according to what were the pre-covid plans. At this point I believe it is correct to confront the current reality. I think this is clear to all parties involved in the negotiation between Ducati and Dovi, obviously trying to find a reasonable agreement. “

Have you set a deadline?

“There is currently no timeframe within which to resolve the situation, even if the general picture is clear enough to reach an agreement in the short term. We are not in a hurry, also because we think we have the most competitive bike in the paddock. The cards on the table are clear to everyone and therefore there is no deadline. “

What if Dovi renounces Ducati?

“We are confident that Dovizioso will continue with us. Otherwise we will take the necessary time to understand how to move “

Paolo, finally, there is the possibility of seeing Jorge Martin riding the Ducati of the Pramac team. Will anything be known in the coming weeks?

“No comment (Smiles) “.

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