More than 100 bosses of the ‘ndrangheta took citizenship income


Article updated at 11.00 on 20 May 2020

Bosses and affiliates of the ‘ndrangheta received citizenship income. The found out Guard of finance with the operation “Mala Civitas” which identified 101 organic Ndranghetists to the main gangs of the province, with different hierarchical roles within them that would have unduly requested and obtained the check from INPS.

They were reported together with 15 other people. Among them, also prominent exponents of the most famous families of ‘ndrangheta operating in the plain of Gioia Tauro or of the powerful’ ndrine of the Tegano and Serraino families.

Others, however, are capibastone of the major gangs of Locride, including the ‘ndrina Commisso-Rumbo-Figliomeni of Siderno, the Cordì di Locri gang, the’ ndrina Manno-Maiolo of Caulonia and the ‘ndrina D’agostino di Canolo.

Even the children of the “Italian Pablo Escobar”, known in the circles of the ‘ndrangheta as “Bebe”, aka Roberto Pannunzi, considered by Italian and American investigators to be one of the world’s largest cocaine “brokers” who boasted of weighing rather than counting money, they appear among the earners of the measure. One of them, the eldest son Alessandro, in addition to being married to the daughter of one of the world’s largest Colombian cocaine producers, was definitively condemned for the import of tons of narcotic drug into Italy.

The investigations carried out by the financiers of the provincial command of Reggio Calabria initially involved an audience of over 500 subjects burdened by heavy convictions for res judicata, for crimes related to the association of the mafia type and ended with complaints to the prosecutors of Reggio Calabria, Locri , Palmi, Vibo Valentia and Verbania of 101 requesting persons and 15 other subscribers of irregular requests.

The suspects were also reported to INPS for the start of the procedure for revoking the benefits obtained, with the consequent recovery of the sums already paid which amount to approximately 516,000 euros. Consequently, the payment of the subsidy which would have led, up to the end of the period of disbursement of the measure, to a further loss of public resources of over € 470,000 will be interrupted.

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