Mom stops the car in the middle of traffic and sets them on fire together with her 14-month-old son: the baby is serious


Has closed his 14 month old son by car, then sprinkled the coach of fuel and set it on fire. The boy was pulled out of the car alive but his condition remains very serious. Caylin Allise Watson, 23, of Columbia, South Carolina, United States, has been arrested.Read also> Fire at home, two 3-year-old twins died: «They were alone and locked inside»

The woman was in the middle of traffic when she pulled up the car along a busy road and set her on fire together with her baby who got stuck in his car seat. Passersby immediately called for help once they were able to pull the baby out of the flames while still alive. The boy was taken to the hospital, but his condition remains very serious due to the burns reported, as also reported by the local press.

The media let it be known that the baby has undergone surgery and several skin grafts, which are essential for healing his wounds. The mother was arrested and the father launched a fundraiser to support the child’s medical expenses. The whole family is still upset about what happened and the reasons that pushed the 23 year old to make such a gesture are still unknown.

Last updated: Wednesday 20 May 2020, 16:24


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