Mom dies at the age of 40 from Coronavirus. The whole family was infected in Cardito


She died at 40 from coronavirus. It happens in Cardito, in the province of Naples, where the young woman was already struggling with a bad disease and was unable to defeat the virus. The mayor Giuseppe Cirillo communicated the news from his official Facebook page. She is the second young mother to lose her life in the country.

“I struggle to write these words, it is never easy to give news of this kind. The death of the two mothers throws our community into despair, which in a few days has been deprived of two fellow citizens, and they wound us in the intimacy of the soul “, writes the mayor who explains that the woman in her forties has infected the whole family composed of four people. The news had been disclosed, again on the mayor’s facebook profile, on May 12, the family was already in preventive isolation.

The post concludes: “In my personal name, from the municipal administration, from the whole community of Cardito, I express my deep condolences and sincere closeness to the family members for the sudden loss of loved ones. I entrust our two fellow citizens to the good God, we are convinced that he will be able to show his loving concern also to family members and those who are suffering from their disappearance ”.

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