Mobility between regions, new ISS data on monitoring expected. Brusaferro: “Reopening will be a challenge”. Health passport, governors divided


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The possible recovery of the displacements between regions from 3 June continues to divide the governors. The two fronts remain the reopening of the territories most affected by Covid, primarily the Lombardy, and the proposed health passport of the governor of Sardinia, Christian Solinas. “There are too much pressure, also on the Technical Scientific Committee. If necessary, we will take countermeasures. We will not accept forcing “, comments the councilor for Health of Lazio, Alessio D’Amato. Thursday the Minister of Regional Affairs, Francesco Boccia, made it clear that there will be no distinctions in the recovery of mobility, branding the idea of ​​”unconstitutional” Solinas. To calm the controversy and reach a decision, the government waits Iss data on the monitoring of the infection in the regions that should arrive today at Ministry of Health: from those numbers we will start to find agreement in the State-regions conference convened for Saturday. “With next week there let’s start a challenge: it will be even more important because the mobility between regions and also the international one, “says the president of the Higher Institute of Health (ISS), Silvio Brusaferro, on hearing in the Chamber. Pointing then that “this will require an even more careful ability than to monitor and respond to outbreaks. ” Some are evaluated containment measures to reassure the regions of the South in particular: having rejected the health passport, the idea of ​​a “short quarantine“Which however would discourage tourism.

Solinas’ proposal had been heavily criticized by the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala. Today the Sardinian president replies: “We have not asked for anything impossible. Just one more cautionto tourists we want to welcome with open arms ”. “Unacceptable that who underestimated the extent of the pandemic from the outset, basking in ideological aperitifs public against fear, rise today to the role of censor about the cautions of others ”, Solinas writes to Sala.

However, not all regions share the precaution proposed by Sardinia. “I am totally opposed to medical passports, would be unmanageable: it is not clear who should do it, how, when and how. We must all work together, we are a single country and must be avoided accusations is countercharges“, He says, a Mattino5, the governor of the region Emilia Romagna and president of the Conference of Regions, Stefano Bonaccini, according to which health passports are “useless and impossible to realize”.

The other concern remains the situation of Lombardy, where even 64% of the nearly 600 new national infections were registered yesterday. “You know how many trains there are every day between Rome and Milan? I hope there is great scruple in making decisions, I see too much pressure“, Says commissioner D’Amato in an interview with Messenger. After the release of the data on the infection relating to Thursday, the Lombard governor Attilio Fontana however, he said he was sure that the Lombards will also be free to move from 3 June.

“We have given ourselves a method – underlines D’Amato – you have to decide on the basis of a series of indicators, about numbers. If decisions are made on the basis of scientific evidence, we will have nothing to complain about. If instead he will give in to political pressures, we will take countermeasures “, warns the councilor of come Zingaretti, which to Messenger speaks of pressure “especially by parties like the League“. If you give in to these pressures, “I don’t say that we will do what threatens Sardinia, but I say that we will have to foresee countermeasures“Explains D’Amato.

On the “health passport” proposed by Sardinia the Conference of the Regions will decide on June 3. Meanwhile, Governor Solinas in an intervention on the Corriere della Sera he says: “I have never spoken of improbable immunity licenses”, adding that “we ask anyone who wants to come to Sardinia, wherever it comes from, a small one extra caution in everyone’s interest: a simple certificate that certifies at the time of departure that you are not positive at Covid-19 “. Milanese and Lombards “are our friends”, writes Solinas, defining “unacceptable that someone can try to trigger a sterile controversy on a non-existent will to discriminate against them. ”

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