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Economical in consumption and easy to drive: traditional mopeds represent a valid alternative to four wheels. Let’s see what the market offers

Small, practical, very easy to drive and negligible in consumption. Even if the segment has not enjoyed excellent health in Italy for some years (penalized by insurance costs and competition from the 125cc), mopeds could experience a second youth in the context of the new post-Covid mobility. Yes, but which one to choose? Here is our guide.

piaggio Liberty 50

Among the thermal mopeds, the little Liberty has been at the top of the preferences for years. The reason is the same that rewards the 125-150 cc: excellent value for money, good roadholding thanks to the high wheel (16-inch front, 14-inch rear) and features such as the underseat compartment and the USB socket in the rear shield. It costs 2,200 euros.

aprilia scarabeo

The reign of the “two-stroke” is not yet finished, according to the success that continues to have – despite the 27 years of militancy in the lists in the 50 cc displacement – the iconic Scarabeo. The featherweight, the cheeky style that the female audience likes so much and the 16-inch wheels with a thin section continue to decree its success. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t have a saddle pad: there is a top box for the helmet. It costs € 2,320 in the Street version, € 2,380 in the Classic version.

Kymco Agility R16

Essential, few frills but indestructible: it travels with little petrol, needs sporadic maintenance and has very low running costs, in addition to boasting a solid chassis. The Kymco Agility R16 (16 stands for inches of wheel diameter) costs 2,240 euros, which, however, are lowered with the many promotions that Kymco makes during the year. In short, it is always a bargain.

Vespa 50

Even if it sells much more in the 125-150 displacements, the Vespino 50 still has the charm of times gone by. Available in the Primavera (more classic, on sale for 3,440 euros) and Sprint (more aggressive, priced 3,540 euros) versions, it is more expensive than the vehicles in this review. But the quality and the “Vespa” finishes and the Euro4 iGet engine are worth the ticket price. And then it goes over 34 km with a liter of petrol …

Peugeot Kisbee

Few people know it, but the small Kisbee is one of the best-selling motor vehicles in Europe, the absolute picture after much more famous motorcycles. With such a low price (1,800 euros) and such robustness, it is a sample of thrift. It features small wheels (12 inches) and a flat platform, as well as a truly oversized saddle pad for such a small and light vehicle (85 kg dry).

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