Minneapolis, the policeman’s wife seeks divorce: “Devastated by the death of George Floyd”


“My husband has rough ways, but under the uniform he is a tenon.” So said Kellie Chauvin, beauty queen of minnesota, in an interview from 2018. She was then married to her second husband for eight years, Derek Chauvin, the policeman who killed an African American in Minneapolis on May 26 by arresting him, and who has been in prison since Friday for this. A few hours after the arrest, the announcement of her lawyers: Kellie Chauvin “She is devastated by the death of George Floyd and wishes to dissolve her marriage.” Fired in prison – where the trial could leave him for 35 years, maximum possible penalty for the crimes that are disputed – Derek Chauvin has now been left alone “in bad luck” also by his wife Kellie; who now mainly calls for “security and maximum privacy for our whole family”, including the two children she had with her previous husband.

Yet the life of Kellie Chauvin, born Xiong in 1974 in a Laos at war became in 2018 «Mrs. Minnesota »-« Mrs. Minnesota », a title of beauty for married and adult women that puts the winners on the way of« Mrs. America “and then” Mrs. World »- had already been not without difficulties. His family belongs to the Hmong minority, a people living between southern China, Vietnam and Laos: in the Vietnam War the Hmong had sided first with the French and then with the Americans, and in the seventies many had to flee. In 1977 Kellie was three years old when her family fled to a refugee camp in Thailand, where “we lived in total indigence: today I don’t eat oat flakes because it was the only food they gave us,” she said in an interview with a local newspaper after the election to Miss. In 1980 the United States welcomed them: first to Wisconsin, then to Minneapolis, where the country’s largest Hmong community lives. Traditional education, marriage combined at 17 with an almost unknown compatriot: «My parents thought that after 18, nobody would have wanted me. I tried to make things work. ” The marriage lasts 10 years, two children are born, the husband dies. Meanwhile, Kellie is studying and becoming a radiologist at the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis.

And this is where he met Derek Chauvin in 2009: the policeman had brought an arrested person to the emergency room before jailing him. Then he came back the same day to ask her out. “Since then he still keeps the door open, puts on my coat, he’s a gentleman,” she said. “After all, after a life like mine, I have very clear ideas about what I want in a relationship, and what I can’t accept.” An interview two years ago that read today, a few hours after the announcement of the immediate divorce from her ex-tenon husband who became a worldwide murderer, seems to explain everything.

May 30, 2020 (change May 30, 2020 | 12:52)


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