Minneapolis, second night of clashes New videos of Floyd’s arrest


More than forty-eight hours after the murder of George Floyd, the forty-year-old African American suffocated by a policeman who kept his knee on his neck to arrest him on Monday 25 May, the anger of the citizens of Minneapolis, where the murder: the city woke up today after a second night of clashes, with looted supermarkets, tear gas and rubber bullets fired by the police and the home of Derek Chauvin, the homicide policeman – who was fired, but is still on the loose – stormed by red paint buckets, firecrackers and pegs. The mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, asked on television that “the four responsible agents are indicted”, as well as fired as has already happened: the local police and the F.B.I. they are conducting an investigation into their conduct, and new video material that is emerging may be instrumental.

The new videos

The last moments of life of George Floyd, who with the policeman begged “I can’t breathe …”, were filmed and spread all over the world: to film them, this Darnella Frazier, a woman who passed by the scene of the arrest, the gesture of which prevented Floyd’s death from being referred to as a “medical accident” as the police reports so far report (the ambulance that intervened on the spot reported instead of having found a patient “unconscious, wrist absent »). After the images released by her, however, other videos came out documenting the arrest. A surveillance camera from the nearby restaurant, for example, shows the moment when the agents pull over, force Floyd’s SUV to pull over – the cause of the detention is supposed to be drunk driving – and take him across the street, the one where it will never rise again. Another citizen who passed by in the area filmed from his car the moment when the agents extract Floyd from his driving seat.

The clashes and protests

The new images of the arrest only throw petrol on the fire of an already angry community. For two nights Minneapolis has been the scene of clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement officers. Tonight there were new episodes of vandalism, bonfires and looting of commercial establishments, despite calls for calm from the administration and the police department of the city. The violence culminated in the first victim of the protests: The pawnshop owner opened fire on an alleged looter; the police investigate for murder. The images circulating on social media give a good idea of ​​the magnitude of the night clashes in the city: as in this video, for example, shot by a drone.

Even during the day hundreds of people took to the streets in Minneapolis yesterday, May 27: to stop them the police made use of rubber bullets, tear gas and stun grenades. The new police chief has asked the public to “not jump to conclusions”, but the anger of the community and of the movements for the defense of African Americans, such as Black Lives Matter, are difficult to contain. Part of the protests went on yesterday to the home of Derek Chauvin, the 44-year-old policeman who killed George Floyd. He was not at home but the street opposite was filled with writings and signs: “A murderer lives here.”

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