Minneapolis, CNN journalist arrested live and Trump threatens



Trump threatens the use of force in Minneapolis, where a street revolution is taking place in the last hours: CNN journalist arrested live

It degenerates the revolt in Minneapolis where a police station catches fire. The president of the United States of America Donald Trump announces: “Now we start shooting when looting begins.”

It is with these words that the President tries to instill fear to the many citizens who flocked to the streets of the country in Minnesota. In fact, in the last few days, an African American boy was murdered by law enforcement officers during an arrest.

His face immediately became a motive for anti-police slogans and against the continuous acts of racism committed by American law enforcement agencies. The processions are taking place from New York to California and the Mayor of Minneapolis proclaimed a state of emergency by asking for support from the nation. 500 men of the National Guard deployed to the city.

During the protests he was arrested a CNN journalist: Omar Jimenez. The reporter was broadcasting live from the site of the protests, while the police arrested him. CNN has published the photo of the moment of being taken into custody and like him also the producer and the operator who were filming.

Governor Walz he later apologized for the unacceptable arrest of the crew. Walz had, in fact, promised to intervene so that the release would take place immediately, adding that the journalist and colleagues clearly had the right to remain and to be in favor of the presence of the media at the site of the protests. Jimenez and colleagues were later released.

The protest also came silently in the Italian capital where Harry Greb, street artist who among other things decorated the Spallanzani’s exteriors, expressed his contribution. The artist has returned to coloring the walls of Rome drawing the image of George Floyd, the murdered African American, in the shoes of the Statue of Liberty with a sign asking for justice and the Bill of Rights held in one hand.

The artist is the news on social media. The work is located, for obvious reasons, in Via United States of America, near the Olympic Village.

Here is what the artist said: “It is incredible that such events can still happen today, in the light of day, with arrogance and arrogance, without limits. Justice is needed.
It’s a shame because I think the United States is a great country, but they are victims of their contradictions. They still have several things to solve and this is yet another testimony. It seems that being black in America today is still a discriminant, all of this is unacceptable. Someone should give a strong signal even if it seems difficult at the moment. “

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