Minneapolis, charges and tear gas. Curfew in 25 cities, 1,400 arrests. A dead


Washington, May 31, 2020 – Increasing tension. Police first charges and tear gas last night a Minneapolis against demonstrators, who challenged the curfew after the death of African American George Floyd following the intervention of an agent. More scuffles in front of the White House. The National Guard has been mobilized in various states. So far there are counted 1,400 arrests since the start of the protests. At least three people were shot and one died in riots in downtown Indianapolis Saturday evening. The police are still investigating and advising citizens to avoid the area. A police officer also reported minor injuries. TO Jacksonville, in Florida, uThe agent was “stabbed or injured in the neck and he is currently in the hospital, “according to what the sheriff told CNN. Other policemen were attacked by the rioters and hit with stones and bricks.

Police in Minneapolis (Ansa)

Another journalist arrested

A reporter from the Huffington Post, Chris Mathias, was taken into police custody and then released as he followed up for protests in New York. To report it is the same head. The reporter was released around one in the morning after being taken to the Brooklyn police district.

It is forbidden to go out at night

in the meantime the curfew was established in 25 cities, spread across 16 American states, to stem demonstrations and clashes. Among the cities where night traffic has been banned are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Louisville, Minneapolis, Portland, Philadelphia and Seattle.

President Trump

“I will not allow an angry crowd to dominate, I am determined to protect democracy and the rule of law” which is an American right, he said President Donald Trump speaking from Cape Canaveral. Trump has returned to condemn “anarchists and looters” for the clashes. “The death of George Floyd was a serious tragedy and should not have happened, it filled the Americans with anger and pain,” added Trump. “I understand the punishment of the people and support the right to peaceful protests, but what we see on the streets now has nothing to do with justice and peace,” he concluded.

Another image of the riots in Minneapolis (Ansa)

The sentencing of the Biden candidate

Even the presidential candidate Joe Biden condemned the violence, stressing however that Americans have the right to demonstrate. “Protesting against this brutality is right and necessary. It is an absolutely American response – he declared – but igniting communities and destroying unnecessarily is not. Violence that endangers life is not. Violence that destroys and closes activities that serve the community is not. ”

America is burning

Across the country, from New York to Los Angeles, from Ferguson to Tampa, they have been police and police vehicles set on fire. Shops were looted and shop windows destroyed. Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets demanding more severe charges and other arrests for Floyd’s death. In Los Angeles, the agents have fired rubber bullets and charged the rioters who set fire to a police car. Clashes also in Chicago and Philadelphia where law enforcement has not spared on pepper spray and stun grenades. Tim Walzs, governor of Minnesota, said he is mobilizing the entire National Guard of 13,000 members of the state to deal with the rioters who ransacked stores and set some premises on fire in Minneapolis and St. Paul. All the main ones freeways leading to Minneapolis have been closed so as not to let those who come from outside expressly feed the revolt. In New York they did discuss new agent violence, particularly after the publication of a video showing a police car going against protesters. Imagine that the mayor Bill de Blasio has defined “upsetting” but without accusing the agents who “in these days have suffered horrible things”.

Minneapolis, the map

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