Ministry plan: “Flu vaccine by September, also for children and older people”


Start with the anti-flu vaccination campaign already in mid-September and maybe even cover children 0-6 years old and lower the age group to be protected from 65 to 60. This is the objective of the Ministry of Health, where a circular is being written to anticipate the times of the campaign to cover the seasonal illness, and to start practically when it is still summer. Vaccines are usually made from November onwards, this year with the fear that there is a “confounding effect” with Covid, that is, that doctors exchange one disease for another, it was decided to run.Moreover, the regions need a lot of lots, because the demand from citizens will be very high, and since we leave so early for some people, it may be necessary to take a second dose at the beginning of 2021 to extend the coverage. In addition, in the wake of Lazio, other regions would also have asked the ministry to make this vaccination mandatory, a measure that would increase consumption.
“I advise all the regions to leave early with the purchases – says Alessio D’Amato, councilor for Health of Lazio – in a while the supplies of the companies could be scarce given the great world demand. Farmindustria has also told us”. Your region has already bought 2 and a half million doses, which is double that consumed last year. “For those who do not comply with the obligation there is no sanction – he explains – but for health professionals we expect that vaccinating is a prerequisite for being fit for work. For the elderly, it will be a requirement to access the services dedicated to them. It seems to me that Lombardy, Campania and Tuscany are on our line “.In Italy, the vaccine is offered to people over 65 and at risk categories and every year between 50 and 55% of people over the age of sixty, who suffer from certain pathologies and who carry out works of public utility. In all it is about 15% of the population, according to the data of the Higher Institute of Health, more or less 9 million people. The numbers are set to rise this year.

Risk categories do not pay for the vaccine. The ministry is discussing the possibility of including on this list, and therefore recommending it, even to children up to 6 years of age, as requested by pediatricians for some time, but a decision has not yet been made. Another hypothesis is to bring the age of the people targeted by the campaign to 60 years. Again, however, there are some difficulties to overcome.

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