Minister Roberto Speranza on June 3: “There is a risk”


Minister Roberto Speranza reiterated that zero risk does not exist and that the reopening of regional borders on June 3 will be a test case.

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The minister Roberto Speranza it was clear to the microphones of 1/2 hour more. The zero risk does not exist and the reopening of the 3 June it is an unknown factor that the Government is taking on because a real phase of security will only occur when there is the vaccine.

For a zero risk, the Minister added lockdown it should have been extended for other months, but this was a utopian solution because the country would not hold up.

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Minister Roberto Speranza on June 3: “There is a risk and it would be wrong not to recognize it

Roberto Speranza virus
Health Minister Roberto Speranza (Getty Images)

The Minister says it frankly and honestly Hope, without hiding behind easy optimisms. The reopening of the regional borders it is not without risk, it is a thing calculated by the Government, weighted, and it is a test bench to manage a new phase. “There is a risk and it would be wrong not to recognize it – reports theHandle citing the words of Hope a 1/2 hour moreit is clear that we are taking a risk since zero risk does not exist now but we will get there only when there is a vaccine“.

The Minister added that one is undeniable difference among the territories, which sees a North most affected by the virus, however at the moment the epidemic trend it would be homogeneous and falling. The weeks that await Italy will be crucial, Speranza says according to what reported there‘Handle, and now that the Bel Paese is slowly recovering, it will have to proceed calmly because the coronavirus is still in circulation. Therefore, the prevention rules will not fail: citizens are still called to put in place attitudes that limit the contagions. The fact that since May 4 the data showed clear improvements and the curve did not mention any new surge, according to the Minister, he must not let his guard down.

The Minister then wanted to express his opinion on the investigations on the red areas by launching a thin arrow. In his view, according to what reported by theHandle, those who made a mistake by the WHO to the mayors will have to report to justice. He hopes for the right course of the judiciary.

Zaia’s words on interregional travel

The governor Luca Zaia he expressed himself on what will be the interregional movements from next June 3. The President of Veneto, reports theHandle, would have stated that a national provision.

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The President of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia (Getty Images)

In his view, a new one must intervene Dpcm that the block falls. Because otherwise, the effects of the previous one, without a new revocation order, would have effects until June 15.

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