Minister Azzolina under escort due to sexist insults and threats to the competition



To refer to the Adnkronos agency is Sen. Bianca Laura Granato, group leader of the M5S in the Senate Education Commission.

“In addition to sexist insults, Minister Azzolina suffered threats to the competition. Since yesterday, she has been put under escort as Undersecretary Sileri. They tried to hack her Facebook profile and checking account. ” These are the statements of the Garnet

Note the members of the 5 Star Movement in the Education commission in the Senate

We didn’t think it could happen, but an intolerable and very serious climate was created on the school. After the repeated attacks that certain politics has pretentiously reserved for Lucia Azzolina, some troublemakers have gone so far as to insult the minister, with sexist offenses and truly disconcerting messages of hatred. But as always hatred calls hatred, and it has even come to real threats, so much so that it was decided to allocate the escort. All of this is unacceptable. Our full and unconditional solidarity goes to Lucia Azzolina. Let’s go forward together with our heads held high in the path of change and support for the Italian public school and its best forces. These cowardly threats will not intimidate us, let alone stop us ”.

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