Minister Azzolina, start of school year: guidelines shortly. Schools will receive instructions


The Minister at the Senate Culture Commission in the VII Senate who answered parliamentary questions relating to the beginning of the next school year and to the Baccalaureate.

“The government will accompany the return to school of our students of our students – said the Minister – ensuring maximum safety and continuity of teaching

To this end, we are working in synergy with the technical scientific committee of the Ministry of Health to document the health indications and the final filings and will be announced in the next few hours “

“I remember – specified Azzolina – that a similar document has already been adopted for the performance in the presence of the state exams of the second cycle of education”

Resumption of teaching activity

“In addition to this – continues the Minister – the committee of experts appointed by me has been working intensely for weeks to provide indications for the resumption of teaching activities.

Also this second document will be presented shortly in addition to the work just mentioned and of course indispensable work to be carried out and carried out with the involvement of social forces and local authorities “

Reopening schools in September is a requirement

“I want to reiterate this clearly – the Minister continued – the reopening of schools in September and the resumption of teaching activities in attendance are a need for students and their families and is a goal shared by the whole government.

With a view to the start of the new school year, precise operational indications flexible with respect to the characteristics of each educational institution will be provided to all schools in order to find the necessary financial resources.

In the revival law decree, the government has set up a fund for the epidemiological emergency from covid-19 with an allocation of one billion euros in two years.

The same decree increased the fund for the functioning of state schools by 331 million for interventions aimed at guaranteeing the performance of the next school year in safe conditions with respect to the epidemiological situation

With regard to school buildings, the relaunch decree envisaged 6 administrative application measures

In order to allow local property owners to operate quickly, however, an important amendment was approved yesterday in the 7th commission in the Senate during the conversion phase of the decree-law 22 2020: the mayors and the provincial presidents they will have commission powers in order to be able to operate quickly to complete school construction works

Parity schools

With regard to parity schools, it should be mentioned that article 233 of decree law 34 of 2020 has allocated special extraordinary loans totaling € 150 million. This demonstrates the government’s desire to protect all our students by respecting the freedom of educational choice of families

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