MINI Countryman or BMW X2? A guide to choosing plug-in hybrids


The MINI Countryman restyling, also in plug-in hybrid version, arrives on the market next month Julyjust like the newly announced BMW X2 plug-in. Maybe not everyone knows that the two cars are strictly unrelated, based on the same UKL2 modular platform and united by engines, batteries and technologies.

For this reason we want compare MINI Countryman and BMW X2, in particular the plug-in hybrid versions, to help those who want to put a compact, luxurious and fashionable crossover SUV in the garage. Among other things, these two hybrids rechargeable “on tap” they can both enjoy the incentive to buy Ecobonus 2020 up to 2,500 euros with scrapping.

English crossover against German SUV coupe

Let’s start with the names of these two competitors-relatives in the SUV segment, crossover or SAC (Sport Activity CoupĂ©), as BMW calls it. The first is the MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 and the second, precisely more devoted to the style of the raised coupes, BMW X2 xDrive25e.

MINI Cooper SE Countryman restyling (2020)
BMW X2 xDrive25e (2020)

In both cases we are faced with refined and luxurious cars that make their adventurous and sporty look the respective trademark, in British or German style, but with the same genetics. In short, we are faced with two “different twins“very ambitious and with a reduced environmental impact.

Dimensions very close

Going to see the measures we discover that the MINI is slightly shorter than the BMW, touching only those 4.30 meters that the X2 exceeds, while the width is practically equal to 1.82 meters. The coupé soul of the BMW X2 emerges instead in the height of 1.51 meters which is less than 1.55 meters of the new MINI Countryman.

MINI Cooper SE Countryman restyling (2020)
BMW X1 xDrive25e
Measures, capacities, weightsMINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4BMW X2 xDrive25e
Length4.29 m4.36 m
Width1.82 m1.82 m
Height1.55 m1.51 m
Step2.67 m2.67 m
Trunk capacity min / maxN.A. / 1,275 liters410 / 1,290 liters
Weight1,790 kg (EU)1,805 kg (EU)

Having the same basic architecture, the wheelbase is identical (2.67 meters), while at the boot level, the X2 slightly prevails, at least in terms of maximum capacity with the rear seats folded down.

Same petrol + electric 220 HP engine

The technical data of the plug-in hybrid motorization confirm the close relationship between the two, since both use the 1.5 petrol three cylinder combined with rear electric motor to put all-wheel drive on the road, 220 HP and 385 Nm of torque.

MINI Cooper SE Countryman restyling (2020)
BMW X2 xDrive25e (2020)

MINI consumes a little less

Head-to-head performance too, for both with a speed just below 200 km / h and an acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.8 seconds. The MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 has a slight advantage in consumption compared to the BMW X2 xDrive25e and consequently also the electric range which in the first case reaches 61 km and in the second 57 km.

Engine and performanceMINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4BMW X2 xDrive25e
Engine1.5 petrol + electric, 220 HP 1.5 petrol + electric, 220 HP
Full speed196 km / h195 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h6.8 seconds6.8 seconds
Electric autonomy61 km57 km
Electrical consumption13.1 kwh / 100 km13.7 kwh / 100 km
Gasoline consumption1.7 l / 100 km1.9 l / 100 km

BMW costs more

At this point we have come to the question prices, not easy to deal with because for the two “competitors in the family” at the moment price lists are missing Italian officers. What you can do is see how much they cost in Germany, what is the surcharge compared to non-electrified versions of similar power and make an estimate on the next Italian price list.

The renewed MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 has a base list in Germany of 39,000 euros (not far from the 39,550 euros of the pre-restyling version on sale in Italy), exactly like the MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 with the 190 hp diesel engine. So let’s expect an Italian price around 40,000 euros.

Base priceMINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4BMW X2 xDrive25e
In Germany39,000 euros 47,250 euros
In Italy (estimated)About 40,000 eurosAbout 48,000 euros

The same check made on the German price of the new BMW X2 xDrive25e tells us that its 47,250 euros they exceed the price list of the BMW X2 xDrive20d Advantage by 1,550 euros. Given that in Italy the same 190 HP diesel costs 46,100 euros, a future Italian price can be estimated close to 48,000 euros for the plug-in hybrid X2.

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