Minecraft Dungeons – The review



  • An immediate and accessible experience, especially suitable for group play.
  • Although it’s easy to jump into the fray, the levels of Minecraft Dungeons they offer not trivial challenges.
  • In the current state of things, the bottom of the barrel is touched a little too early, especially if you play solo.

From the side of Minecraft a small rib in the shape of a dungeon crawler came off: Minecraft Dungeons it is a spin-off that takes the universe created in recent years by Mojang and provides him with a new direction and rules; will arrive on May 26 in the catalogs of PC, Xbox One (with standard version available immediately on Game Pass), PlayStation 4 and Switch. A few days ago we gave you our first impressions about it and, before starting to list what has changed after the opening hours of the game, let’s recap what has remained basically unchanged.

First, second, third impressions

As already explained in more detail in the above article, the pillar on which it rests Minecraft Dungeons is immediacy, 360 degrees. The game system is simple and intuitive, all the necessary information is always visible on the screen, embedded in a readable interface, never too dense with icons and / or texts. Having already dealt with Minecraft it doesn’t make a big difference – old users will “only” know what to expect from certain enemies. After all, the first encounter with a Creeper is never forgotten, right?

From sounds to textures, the game is full of references to the original work and each level seems to have been developed within a server of Minecraft. The centerpiece is the action, which arrives immediately and without much discussion, and does not stop even for the credits. Multiplayer mode is the strength of Dungeons: the game adapts automatically based on the number and strength of the characters present in the instance and it is really easy to join a friend’s game. Tackling the levels in a group does not make them less intricate, on the contrary: by opening the doors to a little healthy strategy, the experience is very enriched.

Small, big challenges

The extreme accessibility of Minecraft Dungeons does not trivialize the challenge. The enemies will run towards you in rivers and even the zombies (the simplest opponents that the game has to offer) are a problem if in large numbers. Treatment is scarce and the damage received is on average high: charging with your head down only leads to death. You can fall to the mat up to three times, before reaching the game over, so there is some margin of error, but it is better not to take advantage of it. If you play in a group, the fallen comrades must be revived within a certain number of seconds, otherwise you will also be dragged to the grave; in this way it is ensured that the K.O. a group member affects all players, and reviving a character in the midst of a horde of undead is not a simple thing.

The types of enemies we face are not particularly numerous, it is true, but the peculiarities of each of them are exploited well in the levels – non-trivial detail because, remember, these are procedurally generated – and they fit together nicely (it is done to say) between them. There are the spiders, which nail you to the ground with their cobwebs, making you an easy prey for the flocks of creepers lurking, or the spellcasters, who empower the soldiers armed with shields until they become great bad customers, and so on : the situations that arise are varied and, above all, fun to play.

Equipment can grant you extra powers thanks to passive bonuses and spells.

If the melee and ranged weapons do not allow you to vary the style of play in a really drastic way, thanks to the manageable items, in Minecraft Dungeons the player can choose different ways to face the proposed challenges. A talisman that increases armor, together with a feather that allows you to jump in the midst of a pack of enemies and stun them, is excellent for those who want to be the ram of their group, attracting the arrows of the skeletons and making others helpless enemy fighters.

By choosing a particular armor and two specific artifacts instead, it is possible to add up to three allied animals to take with you to the battlefield, if the dungeons seem too gloomy places to venture on your own. Added to this is the system of spells – equipment upgrades that are obtained by spending special points, earned by going up a level (and that can be recovered, if and when you choose to trash the enchanted object). The possibilities are varied, especially if you try to find more elaborate combinations within a party of three or four players.

You can see the bottom from here

If in a group Minecraft Dungeons ensures a certain variety, by soloing the available levels, the experience appears rather limited. If you do not cling to the desire to complete all the levels available in the three degrees of difficulty offered by the game (normal, adventure, apocalypse), the only push that can lead to play again and again the same levels (which, although randomly generated, they logically retain certain structural similarities) is that towards new equipment and products.

You will fight in different biomes, each with the flavor already seen for Minecraft fans. The enemies vary accordingly: in this case, for example, in the swamp you will find slime waiting for you!

This trend towards grind is certainly not new to the genre to which it belongs Minecraft Dungeons, therefore it will hardly surprise the more experienced users. Sure, it helps that only certain types of equipment and products can arrive from each level, but there is no feeling that that higher level, that extra damage point, that spell instead of another, really has a weight to justify repetition. The empty space on the map, together with a certain element in the game HUB, speak clearly: the game will evolve in the next few times, and it certainly cannot be said that the price is not congruous with the amount of content. Just keep in mind though that, in the current state of affairs, if you play alone you may find yourself running out of things to do rather quickly.

A fluid experience

Minecraft Dungeons, as mentioned a few days ago, it is a very light game and very demanding from a technical point of view. During the game hours I never encountered problems: everything went smoothly like oil, with really laughable loading times (at least in the PC version) and no sign of slowing down, even in the most chaotic situations. Visually, if you admire the style Minecraft, this spin-off will only leave you satisfied. Two small notes about multiplayer, reported directly by the distributor: it is not possible to combine the local and online experience, while in the post-launch period the game should be enriched with support for the cross-platform multiplayer.

The controls are simple and intuitive. Mouse and keyboard ensure excellent execution speed, especially when precise movement and attack inputs are alternated. Despite this, one has the perception that the basic command scheme, in the developers’ mind, was that of the controllers – and it is easy to imagine why, given the small number of keys to manage in the game, which fits comfortably between triggers and buttons (even leaving some void).

Minecraft Dungeons is a more than enjoyable spin-off, especially if you face it in the company of some friends. It proposes the colorful imagery of the main game, fitting it into a dungeon crawler frame made of procedurally generated levels. The story is a funny excuse to jump from one biome to another, and the game system is clean and essential. In the current state of affairs, the game is rather limited in content, especially if you only experience the experience as a single player – things may still change in the coming months, with the arrival of extra content.

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