Milik, Juventus pressing on Napoli: Sarri wants it at all costs


NAPLES – This time there are no rescission clauses and not even presumed medical visits away from prying eyes, no, however after four years the protagonists are still a center forward and the two usual, ever-present rivals. Yes: this is the story of Arkadiusz Milik, Napoli striker with the contract expiring in 2021 which has recently become an important goal of Juve. Very important, considering that Arek has been offered a multi-year contract of almost 5 million per season: courses and appeals in the wake of the Higuain case. Sarri believes in him and makes him tight, moreover, but the blue club has no desire to surrender: so much so that in recent days he has been trying to reopen the negotiation for the renewal wrecked before the quarantine. He is persistently trying and will try again, it is still a 26-year corporate heritage that it is, but if Milik will continue to confirm his idea of ​​changing the air, well, then we will have to deal with De Laurentiis. Literally: because the blue club evaluates the attacker’s card at least 50 million euros and does not want any technical counterparts.

PIPA & AREK – And then, the head to head infinite: Napoli-Juve. Yet another in general, they are no longer counted, and then the second with a center-forward theme. Centers who, albeit unconsciously, continue to be protagonists over the years intertwined with dense and intricate market plots: in 2016 it was Higuain who gave way to Milik in Naples for a black and white film and today, that is, soon, that is, he could free him the locker also at Juve. Among other things, the figure in the background on the bench is identical: Sarri. You will see, the question is not easy, but the black and white interest is absolutely serious and the proposal made to the center forward of the Polish national team through his manager, David Pantak, is very advantageous: there is talk of an engagement of 4.7 million euros per season, or so, and therefore a salary more than doubled compared to the current one of 1.8 million per year until 2021.

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Milik, Juventus pressing on Napoli: Sarri wants it at all costs

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