Milan, the reopening of La Scala at risk: the theater will lose 50 thousand euros per day


La Scala will lose 50 thousand euros per day if it respects the guidelines included in the law decree approved by the government on May 17th. The estimate is on the desk of the superintendent Dominique Meyer, who on Thursday will take it to the board of directors of the theater convened for the approval of the budget. A sum that would add to the 20 million euros already lost by La Scala due to the lockdown imposed by the emergency for Covid 19 since 25 February, seriously endangering the future of the most famous opera house in the world. “It will be difficult to find a balance between costs and revenues,” explained Meyer in recent days, who added looking to the future: “I believe that the coming year will be much more difficult because the social safety nets will be gone, we will have full costs , but less revenue. “There is a lot of concern in the theater. The risk is that La Scala may decide not to reopen if the rules do not change. Since the presence of the public is essential to keep the accounts in the coming months. The guidelines on indoor shows that the government has adopted in view of a possible reopening starting from June 15 in fact provide for a theater like Piermarini a maximum number of 200 people present. Between spectators and performers. In addition to the distance between the seats in the room of at least one meter not only laterally, but also forward. Limits that in fact would force La Scala to cancel, for example, the performances already announced in September of the three titles that should close the current season, which was interrupted after the debut of “Il Turco in Italia” by Gioacchino Rossini and during the first rehearsals of “Salome” by Richard Strauss, never staged. Suffice it to say that the two historical productions of “Aida” and “Bohème” designed by Franco Zeffirelli would exhaust the maximum ceiling foreseen by the new rules only with the extras. The same goes for “La Traviata” with the direction of Liliana Cavani as in the calculation will also have to take into account the dining room staff, firefighters and technicians who allow the theater to raise the curtain. It would probably save only Verdi’s “Messa da Requiem” directed by Riccardo Chailly to commemorate the victims of the epidemic only because the execution is scheduled in the Duomo, where, as is known, the acoustics are not the best but the space is not lacking. While it would be impossible to confirm Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony” in theater because only orchestral, backing and soloists would exceed the maximum number of people allowed by the guidelines. A real puzzle for the new superintendent, who has given himself as his first objective to try to secure the accounts of the theater and avoid the prolonged closure.

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