Milan Stock Exchange closes at + 0.28%. The Netherlands is holding back Europe’s enthusiasm for the Recovery Fund


Stock exchanges in Europe

Piazza Affari therefore closed with a modest increase compared to the European sisters (+ 0.28%), between lively exchanges for almost 3.5 billion euro in value, over 1.2 more than on the eve. Paris gained 1.79% at 4.688 points, Frankfurt 1.33% at 11.657 points and London 1.29% at 6.146 points.
The spread reached the minimum values ​​since the beginning of the month, which closed at 191.1 points.

Sectors and titles

In Europe, it appears to hold investor confidence in a faster-than-expected economic recovery, combined with a weakening of the Covid-19 pandemic. The recovery fund, which provides Italy with 82 billion aid and 91 billion credit, also amplifies hopes. An agreement for many historians but whose negotiation still remains to be written (so much so that Merkel has already reiterated that it will be a long negotiation). And while in Europe there are arguments over the recovery plans, oil prices have started to fall again due to the renewed US-China tensions linked to the protests in Hong Kong.

The titles in Piazza Affari

On the Milanese main list, purchases rewarded the banking sector in the lead, galvanized by the economic support plan, with UniCredit (+ 4.7%), Mediobanca and Bper in the lead. Taking of Atlantia also (+ 3.7%) while only at the end of the session it became known that the Conte government meeting on motorway concessions will be updated in the next few days, after a first confrontation between competent ministers and heads of delegation on the dossier. The car sector also moves in the wake of the rest of Europe, with FCA (+ 2.8%). Nexi ended up at the bottom of the list, losing 7.8% (and aligning itself with the sale price) after Mercury Uk Holdco placed 8.8% of the share capital at 14.20 euros per share. Finally, thump for Diasorin (-12.2%) after the rally since the beginning of the year.
Among the banks, Intesa Sanpaolo also performed well (+ 2.5%) in the aftermath of the decision of the Ubi board of directors (+ 0.8%) to initiate an investigation for `judicial protection against Ops launched by the institute led by Carlo Messina.

Oil and currencies

On the currency market, the euro returned below 1.10 dollars to 1.0975 (from 1.0985) and 118.32 yen (from 118.187 yen), while the dollar / yen ratio was at 107.78 (from 107 , 58). Finally, slips towards the end of the session for oil: the WTI with a delivery contract in July sold 5.2% to $ 32.5 a barrel, while Brent dropped to $ 34.5 (-4.5 percent) .

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