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The Rossoneri start again where they lost 11 times out of 12. The only draw in a semi-final of the Italian Cup, eight years ago. With the extra nightmare to drive away

AC Milan restarts in the worst way. That is: on the worst of fields. Resuming the seasonal journey with the Italian Cup means visiting Juventus, that is, performing on a field where the Devil has alternated punctual disappointments (on the pitch) and great anger (referees) in the last decade. The Stadium, an absolute taboo since it was inaugurated. Some overall numbers, between the league and the Italian Cup, to better understand the extent of the disaster: 11 defeats and a draw, 10 goals scored and 24 conceded.

Bang. Almost

It goes like this at the Lady’s house, and we say that this semifinal is not born exactly under the best auspices. Both for the 1-1 of the first leg, an evil result, and because Ibra, Hernandez and Castillejo will be missing from Pioli, all disqualified (and in the case of the Swedish, also injured). However, it is also true that the only time the Devil left the Stadium unscathed was in the Italian Cup. And, coincidentally, it was the return semifinal. Of course: unscathed but eliminated, however it was on the evening of that 20 March 2012 that Milan ended the only game without defeats in the black and white fort. Indeed, he was one step away from the coup: two by one after 90 ‘(how many can say the same, at the Stadium?), Or the result of San Siro turned upside down, and then the cold shower shot in Amelia’s door from a right to the poison of Vucinic in overtime. And so two by two final, and Juve in the last act. Being able to achieve the same result on June 13th would be the dream of any AC Milan player.

Watch out for extratime …

Also in the following season, 2012-13, the Cup gave way to Milan to put Madama in difficulty. On that occasion the quarter-finals were played, then a dry game: 1-1 at the ninetieth and then again the executioner Vucinic to sign the final two to one. In short, two eliminations to extra time for two consecutive years create a certain moodiness. And anyway: damn extra time. Yes, because Milan have lost a final against the Bianconeri after the ninetieth. It happened in May 2016, with Brocchi on the bench and a zero to zero which after 110 minutes became 0-1 due to Morata’s goal. Without history, however, the 2017-18 edition, when even in that case the Rossoneri managed to get to the last act. Nothing to do, the Cup was raised by Juve well before the final whistle, considering the 4-0 under which Gattuso’s men were buried. Now a new chance for the Devil. There has been the lockdown, Juve-Milan will be the new overture of Italian football and the forecasts are complicated: who knows that something good is not hidden underneath.

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