Milan, orange vests in the square without safety distances and masks: controversy | Room: “Irresponsible”


There were in fact some gatherings also around the representatives of the protest movement – which calls, among other things, for a return to the “Italic lira” and a “government voted by the people” – who spoke into the microphone.

The police headquarters, which was present with agents in the square to monitor the situation, said that the protesters will be reported for violating the decree against the spread of Covid-19.

Sala: “Asked to prefect to denounce orange vests” – “I asked the Prefect”, Renato Saccone, “to report the organizers of the so-called ‘orange vests’ demonstration”. He wrote it on his Facebook page on mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala talking about the event. “An act of irresponsibility in a city like Milan that is trying so hard to get out of the difficult situation in which it finds itself,” he concluded.

The protest movement founded by ex-general Antonio Pappalardo demonstrated in several Italian cities, from Milan to Rome, to protest the government.

Rome, 70 identified and reported – Tension in the streets of the historic center of Rome for an improvised and unauthorized demonstration by far-right groups, ‘March on Rome’ and Casapound, and for the presence of orange vests too. Law enforcement officers were forced to intervene in Piazza Venezia and via del Corso, closing the streets, to prevent the demonstrators, about a hundred, from reaching Palazzo Chigi. 70 are currently identified and reported for unannounced demonstration. According to what has been learned, the sanctions regarding the non-compliance with the anti-Covid rules are also being examined: the protesters were without masks, did not respect the anti-dismantling distances and some arrived outside Lazio, thus violating the ban on mobility between regions.

Orange vests in the square in Bologna, the police intervene – A police passage was also needed to invite the demonstrators, who met in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna for a protest against the government, to keep a safe distance and to wear a mask. Groups of people, including some orange vests, found themselves on the Crescentone, with banners and flags, for this initiative without however respecting the measures to contain the contagions from Covid-19 and creating gatherings.

Orange vests: hundreds in the square in the center of Turin – Orange vests in the square today also in turin, where a few hundred people gathered in Piazza Statuto, in the center of the city, for a protest demonstration to the cry of ‘freedom, freedom’. The demonstration took place peacefully and smoothly, even if some participants did not wear a mask.

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