Milan, Milan runs (+ 2.5%): optimism is infecting Europe


The optimism about the economic recovery after the pandemic has plagued the European stock exchanges, which are making their fourth consecutive session on the rise: Milan this time the best of the lot with a leap of 2.46%, also favored by the drop in the spread to 188 basis points. Even the unconvinced opening of Wall Street (now slightly up), worried by Donald Trump’s possible crackdown on social networks, renewed US-China tensions and not exciting data from the stars and stripes situation, has not slowed down the European price lists.

The stock exchanges of Europe

Paris and Frankfurt have now returned to the closing levels of 9 March, the black Monday of the lockdown (here, the share prices and the trend of the international price lists in real time). If Milan was the best, with a 2.46% gain, the other price lists also ran: Paris closed at + 1.7%, Frankfurt at + 1% and London by 1.3%. And all this when there is no shortage of unknowns, starting from the approval of the Recovery Fund, the 750 billion community bazooka whose key details are still to be defined. Without neglecting the US-China clash over Hong Kong and the still mixed data from the economy: for example, the second reading of the US GDP revised it down to 5% (from -4.8%).

Oil and currencies

Crude oil decreased with the WTI at -0.5%, at 32.6 dollars. On the currency market, the euro strengthens against the dollar and catches up to $ 1.105 again at 1.105 (1.099 yesterday closing) and 119 yen (from 118.58), while the dollar / yen ratio stands at 107.67.

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