Milan, 19 year old killed by a tram driver: life imprisonment for Garlaschi confirmed | He apologizes, the victim’s mother: “Always too little”


Jessica’s mother: “Life imprisonment is not enough” – “Giving him life imprisonment is not enough for what he did.” These are the words with which Anna Maria Natella, Jessica Valentina’s mother, Faoro commented on the sentence. “Justice has been done and for this Jessica can at least be calm. There is always sadness – he added – and nothing will give me back what I lost”.

The convict in the courtroom: “If you let me out I will compensate” – Alessandro Garlaschi in video connection from prison, asked “sorry” for what he did and added, turning to the court: “If you let me out and return me to a normal life, I will work and compensate the damage”. To report the words of the accused rendered with his
spontaneous statements during the second degree trial is the defender, the lawyer Francesca Santini, underlining how his clientele lacked “lucidity”. The lawyer, who was denied the request for an expert report to ascertain the man’s ability to understand and want at the time of the event and the ability to be in court, said: “We will re-propose the request to the Court of Cassation. We will appeal the sentence later have read the reasons. “

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