Mike Tyson feels fit: “Ready to challenge anyone who wants to do charity”


“I’ve never been so fit, I enjoy showing off my new physique. Anything is possible”. They are the words of Mike Tyson to TMZ Sports. “I’m starting to feel elated, we’ll see what happens”, he added. The American champion has recently announced that he will return to the ring for charity matches and is ready to challenge anyone.

Mike Tyson, sensational announcement

“Anyone who wants to do charity can challenge me”

In recent days there has been much talk about a possible third meeting with Evander Holyfield, historical rival and capable of beating Iron Mike twice (one of which was the famous episode of the bite in the ear). But Mike Tyson at 53 said anyone can challenge him: “There are a lot of people out there who need help, so anyone who wants to do charity can challenge me. If I challenge Evander? It would be a historic sport thing, never happened before. Two bitter enemies who fight to help the less fortunate” .

Holyfield challenges Mike Tyson to a third charity match

Pugliato: Tyson, what a punch!

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