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Here is the story of Mike, 43 years old, who went from Nurse to Intensive Care Patient because of Covid-19. Except miraculously. PEG is needed to hydrate and nourish it.

Mike Schultz he is a 43 year old American nurse with clear German origins. He went from assisting to being assisted in a few days and because of the Coronavirus. Intubated and sedated, he also underwent an operation for PEG insertion, through which he was fed for several weeks. He had a stunning physique, now the signs of the disease are present everywhere on his body.

But he did it and told his story on Instagram. Mike showed his photos on social media before and after contracting Covid-19. He was hospitalized for six weeks, 4 of which spent inside the intensive care unit. On Instagram he said that: “I wanted to show everyone how serious it can be to be sedated for 6 weeks attached to a fan or intubated; among other consequences, Covid-19 reduced my respiratory capacity with pneumonia. For 8 weeks I have been away from family and friends. Every day I am stronger and I work to increase lung capacity. I will go back to where I was, this time in a healthier way…. maybe even doing cardio fitness. ”

Mike probably contracted the disease during a concert he attended in early March. Around the middle of the month hospitalized with high fever and breathing difficulties. Intubated and sedated. To feed and hydrate it, it was necessary to place a PEG on it. He lost 23 kg a few weeks. When he woke up he had the impression of having “slept” for a few days.

Now he is no longer positive for Coronavirus and hopes to return to work as soon as possible. Good luck!

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