Migrants, three landings in a few hours, Lampedusa again in an emergency


One boat after another, right into the port of Lampedusa. Another 185 migrants who land on the island arriving a few hours away on three wooden boats, the first certainly coming from Libya where, in the same hours, the patrol boats of the coast guard of Tripoli bring back another 200 people.

Another day of departures from the African shore where the IOM reports, with great concern, a massacre in an unofficial detention center where 30 migrants were killed by traffickers and 11 others were seriously injured for reasons not yet clear. In Lampedusa, therefore, there is an emergency again. The hotspot with over 200 people is already well beyond capacity and the quarantine ship stationed between the island and the Argentine coast is already hosting other migrants in isolation.

The first boat arrived in the afternoon with 85 people on board coming from Zwara while two other boats, one of 52 the other of 48 were given on approach to the island where they landed in the evening.

After the barrage arrivals from Tunisia in recent days, departures from Libya also seem to have resumed, where the International Organization for Migration has given the news expressing strong condemnation of the killing of 30 migrants in Mezda, south west of Tripoli.

“This senseless crime reminds us once again of the horrors that migrants suffer at the hands of traffickers in Libya – says the IOM head of mission in Libya Federico Soda – these criminal groups take advantage of the instability and the situation of insecurity in the country for to hunt desperate people and take advantage of their vulnerability. ” The IOM reports that migrants rescued at sea and brought back have disappeared and it is not possible to know what the conditions of the over 4,000 people brought back by the coast guard have been since the beginning of the year.

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