Migrants, Salvini’s plan to “cancel” the amnesty


There amnesty It is now a reality: the implementing decree was published on 29 May last, starting next Monday with questions from the employers or individual migrants concerned. For laborers, housekeepers, carers and for people engaged in the agricultural supply chain present, without having the documents in order, in the Italian territory from before 8 March, the possibility will be triggered to precisely correct the position.

The stalls concerned should be around 220,000 migrants, at least according to government estimates. As a matter of fact, an amnesty has already begun to speak in the aftermath of the installation of the Giallorossi government. Several ideas in this regard had emerged above all from the left-wing circles of the new majority, especially from Leu and from the redest wing of the Pd. But the opposition of Five Stars movement has slowed down every project.

On the other hand, the crisis linked to the crisis was a strong acceleration to the amnesty, which the majority insists on flaunting as mere regularization.Coronavirus emergency. The minister for agricultural policies Teresa Bellanova, representative of Italia Viva in the government, in March he launched the idea of ​​healing the position of at least 600,000 migrants to bring laborers back to the countryside.

So everything would have started from the image of empty fields, no longer practiced by those workers who preferred to either return to their countries of origin, especially in Romania and Eastern Europe, or to stay at home to avoid infections and wait for better times. According to Bellanova, with a amnesty for a large number of migrants then it would have been possible to put labor back to work in the countryside. This argument was also accompanied by that relating to the need for the emergence of the phenomenon of caporalato he was born in tracking of any coronavirus infections among the irregular ones.

The government went ahead despite many brakes coming from the same majority: the grillini continued to see the amnesty in a negative key, several times the Interior Ministry said it wanted to regularize only those who already had a job, Mugugni also appeared from a part of the Democratic Party Then there were trade associations that, on the contrary, repeatedly asked for corridors to bring community workers back to Italy who left at the outbreak of the crisis.

Italia Viva, however, stumbled, Teresa Bellanova threatened to resign and the executive therefore had to bow to the Renzian diktats. As said at the beginning of the article, the norm is now reality. However, the opposition is currently trying to open the breaches among the least convinced of this reform within the majority. And it is mainly from League, strongly opposed to any hypothesis of regularization, that the will came to try in parliament to stop this provision.

From a technical point of view, the amnesty has been included within the relaunch decree, which must therefore now go from the classrooms for conversion into law. And it is here that the League, together with Brothers of Italy is Come on Italy, wants to try to block the amnesty. The center – right from this point of view appears compact: none of the three parties want this rule, therefore the intent is to find the banks most disappointed by the majority to blow it up or, at least, to resize it in some of its aspects.

To confirm this strategy in the past few hours, it was the League secretary himself Matteo Salvini: “On migrants, the amnesty is unfortunate – stated on Twitter the former interior minister – We will fight. We will present amendments to the relaunch dl to block it “.

The strategy, therefore, would be to “rain” on the relaunch a series of amendments aimed at dismantling the part concerning the amnesty. And in these days the various parliamentary groups of the center – right could find common agreements to get to Montecitorio and Palazzo Madama with a series of amendments aimed at putting the government in difficulty on the subject.

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