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FROM THE CORRESPONDENT OF CATANIA. All away from Lampedusa, in the afternoon the island was “emptied” of migrants: a part going to Sicily to be hosted in first reception facilities, another part embarked on the quarantine ship Moby Zazà. Finally, a group of Tunisians who would have had to get on the Moby Zazà with the others was instead taken away from the island with the patrol boats of the Coast Guard and the Guardia di Finanza; too high the risk that on board the quarantine ship could provoke protests and tensions, as happened yesterday with another 14 of their compatriots who, in fact, late in the evening had been landed in Porto Empedocle and taken to a reception center in Siculiana , the same where the 28 will probably also go.

From today on the island there are no more migrants, at least until the next autonomous landing. Several are expected in this late spring and again in the summer. And in such cases, the declaration of “unsafe ports” made by the Italian government for the Italian airports because of the Coronavirus emergency that the Lazio Regional Administrative Court confirmed today, rejecting the request for suspension made by ARCI .

On the Cossyra ferry that connects Lampedusa to Porto Empedocle, 108 migrants arrived with three different landings at the beginning of May and who spent the quarantine in the Imbriacola hotspot and who were all negative at Covid-19 . On Moby Zazà, on the other hand, 109 of the 137 migrants who had arrived on the island with a boat last Wednesday and who were temporarily welcomed in the premises of the parish of the island boarded; they come from Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali, Central African Republic. Separated from the group, however, the 28 Tunisians who were boarded on the Coast Guard and Guardia di Finanza patrol boats bound for Porto Empedocle.

The migrants on the Cossyra will be brought to reception facilities in Sicily, once they too have landed in Porto Empedocle while those on the Moby Zazà will have to begin the quarantine that another group of 105, on board for days, has already started; that group also included a young Tunisian who launched himself into the sea on Wednesday night to attempt to swim to the coast, drowning, his body found near a beach in Agrigento five miles away. The ship should still return to the harbor in front of Porto Empedocle where it is easier to receive supplies and dispose of special waste.

To the south of Lampedusa, outside the Italian territorial waters, the mysterious fishing boat that has about fifty migrants recovered in the Sartese Sar area last week is waiting. Valletta asked the “Pos”, the safe harbor, to Italy because despite its competence, the Italian coasts of Lampedusa are closer. Request that until now would have been refused even if in these days the Italian Coast Guard has carried out some medical evacuations of migrants who had health problems: last Monday a woman in the ninth month of pregnancy with her husband, yesterday another pregnant woman, of nationality Cameroonian.

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