Microsoft Teams will be “even bigger than Windows” with over a billion users


Microsoft it is changing a lot and has long been engaged in the transition to being a service company. The company’s best-known product is undoubtedly Windows, followed by Office, but according to the statements Jeff Teper, corporate vice president of Microsoft 365 Collaboration, Sara Microsoft Teams to take the scepter of the most popular Microsoft branded product.

Microsoft Teams will be “even bigger than Windows”

In an interview with VentureBeat Teper states that he sees Teams not only as a service in its own right, as a platform. As such, Teams has growth potential beyond Windows.
“Teams is a wrapper, a platform for building collaboration applications and integrating them into it, and thus creating enormous opportunities for partners to build partner solutions and, frankly, make money by investing in building their applications on Teams. We have had a 750% growth in applications within Teams [nell’ultimo anno]. Seeing solutions for health, education, industry that are building on Teams is what I think not everyone has understood that we are focusing on. Everything from support for Power Apps to support for Visual Studio, up to how applications are distributed. “
“This is the distinctive element that changes the rules of the game against the alternatives on the market right now”, continues Teper. “So we’re trying to help organizations solve their specific problems, not just give them generic tools. The platform then becomes an ecosystem; just like Windows has become an ecosystem, people build things on it. And what you earn from this is that there are effects [delle persone che fanno] network and the effect flywheel. [Teams] is a platform that transcends operating systems and which will also be larger than Windows. Yes, we want people to build Teams-based applications that work on iOS, Android, the Web, Mac and Windows. So by definition Teams will ultimately be an even more ubiquitous platform. “
Teper echoes what Jared Spataro had told us, corporate vice president Microsoft 365. In our interview Spataro had told us that “Teams is the new Windows! Windows was important because it was at the center of the PC era. Today Teams allows us to harness the power of the cloud and offer it to users. It makes the cloud more concrete for the end user […]. It’s the key to our strategy. “

Microsoft Teams

The possible market would also be larger than that of Windows: “There is a billion people who use Windows and Office, so clearly there are a billion people who should use our cloud services, smartphone and computer applications. And part of the reason we’re so excited about Teams is that it can also be used by people who are involved in business processes and that they would never have been traditional Office users. “
Microsoft therefore sees in the applications they exploit Azure, and first of all just Teams, the key to its future. A future that will no longer rotate around Windows, but to services accessible to anyone, so as to offer them also on the historical rival Linux platform. A significant change of perspective compared to the model historically used by the company, in which the services were offered on Windows to link users to the platform. Users are rewarding Microsoft’s strategy, according to current numbers: according to Teper they are in the works further news that should help Teams expand further.

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