Microsoft is betting on interoperability between Skype and Teams


The race to adopt solutions for smart working has pushed the growth of services such as Teams, but not for this Microsoft plans to leave behind another software dedicated to communication and collaboration: Skype. New features and an unspecified sort of will soon arrive integration between the two instruments.

Microsoft, the convergence between Skype and Teams

An approach, therefore, is expected convergence in reality already discussed a couple of months ago, making the separation that for use and intended use Teams so far been the preferred choice by the world, becoming less tangible business and Skype that of the area consumer.

So Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365, confirmed during an interview with VentureBeat the intention of the group to continue improving what was offered by Skype, software acquired in the now distant 2011 with an economic investment quantified in 8 , $ 5 billion.

We are continuing to invest in Skype. It is also growing right now. You will see some new features. You will see Skype and Teams becoming interoperable. With Teams moving closer to the consumer sector being able to do more and more things, I think people will choose it, but it will not be a passage that we will force. People love Skype.

At the end of March the Redmond group said that Skype recorded a 70% monthly increase in the number of connected users on a daily basis (40 million people) and a surge of even 220% as regards the minutes of calls made .

In the chat also a clarification on Yammer, social network acquired in 2012 by Microsoft and renewed last year, recently the protagonist of an app intended for Teams: the project is alive and well, it will continue to operate in the enterprise territory with the aim of providing companies with the possibility of create and manage their communities.

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