Microsoft has opened the official pre-order page –


Xbox Series X already has one official internet page open for i preorders, reachable from the Microsoft site, even if it is still not possible to pre-order the console since there has not yet been an official announcement on the price and release date.

You can therefore reach the site in question at this address, where we can find a very extensive description of the Xbox Series X and its features announced so far and also a button where you can eventually make the preorder or thepurchase which however is not yet clickable.

The button is in fact opaque with the writing “Soon available”, therefore waiting to receive official information from Microsoft on release date and price, when the pre-order and official purchase procedure should also be activated through the Store.

The information contained in the site is obviously the known one, reporting the power of 12 TeraFlops, support for 8K and 120 fps, the new hardware features and all the elements already officially revealed by Microsoft, but it can represent a good summary of all the features the console, in case you need it.

As for the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has made it clear that it wants a simultaneous worldwide launch, with Phil Spencer showing optimism for the launch in late 2020. Release date and price of the console could be revealed in June, during the Microsoft conference which should focus on consoles and services, apparently.

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