Microsoft Flight Simulator, the new images of the game leave you speechless –


Microsoft Flight Simulator is the protagonist of a new gallery by images that leave you speechless, given the extraordinary level of detail proposed by the game.

After the images of Mount Fuji, Microsoft Flight Simulator shows in this case the Boeing 757, but also other piloted models and various scenarios of different types.

You can see a faithful and convincing representation of the instrumentation on board, as well as the exterior of the planes both on the runway and in the air, while flying over landscapes also full of details.

To make the visual impact of the game even stronger, there will also be a dynamic weather, with variable conditions, and of course a day / night cycle that will further enhance the settings.

Available with a closed beta in mid-July, Microsoft Flight Simulator will require high-level components in order to run at its best: i requirements recommended talk about an RTX 2080, 32 GB of RAM and an SSD with at least 150 GB of free space.

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