Microsoft Edge, version 83 contains the mini video game Let’s Surf, let’s see how to activate it –


Also Microsoft Edge with the version 83 gets his “hidden” but official mini-game, similar to the famous endless run with the Google Chrome dinosaur, in this case, however, all focused on surf, as the name of the game simply summarizes.

Just like Dino Runner in Chrome, Surf also goes into action when a connection problem, allowing users to do something while maybe waiting for the internet to start working again. The reference is obviously to the fact of “surfing” on the internet, in this case brought back to its original and seafaring condition.

The Mini-game Surf is however much more advanced than the other similar examples: it is an entirely color game, which boasts minimalist graphics but also quite complex, making the due proportions.

It is a sort of endless running, also in this case, in which, however, we guide a surfer on board his board, intent on sailing in a rather busy sea full of obstacles, all framed from above with a similar camera. isometric. In short, something far more complex than a simple classic Easter egg.

The Surf game can be activated from the error screen that emerges in case there are connection problems but it can also be played by going to edge: // surf using Microsoft Edge in version 83. Also the gameplay it is quite rich, with three modes: endless, time trial and slalom.

Version 83 of Microsoft Edge, which has proven to be the second most used browser in the world, should already be available, in the meantime there is also an official trailer dedicated to the new mini video game Surf supplied with the Internet browser of Windows 10.

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