Microsoft Edge hides a fun offline game! Here’s how to activate it and play it


Hidden and accessible only by inserting a code string in the search bar. Is called “Let’s Surf” and it is a minigame inserted by Microsoft in version 83.0.478.37 of the web browser which is enjoying great success among the ” surfers ” of the Net. We know well how the company has worked hard in recent months to carry on the development of Edge or its new web browser based now on Chromium and therefore more performing and above all with the possibility of using those that are fundamental for most users: extensions.
In recent weeks Edge has become public allowing users to download it and be able to use it on a par with Google Chrome especially with the ability to immediately synchronize all your favorites but also information coming from Chrome just like extensions. The version 83.0.478.37 of the web browser developed by Microsoft added a fun novelty which can be used by everyone even in “offline” situations, that is, without connections.
A hidden minigame, ” Let’s Surf ‘‘, which can be started by simply typing the command on the search bar Edge: // surfing

Microsoft Edge: here’s the hidden minigame

Inspired by the classic Windows SkiFree game, the surf game challenges players to ride in the water avoiding islands, surf buddies and other obstacles. Players can also collect hearts to extend their lives and speed up. The aim is clearly to navigate as far as possible in an infinite ocean, to compete through all the gates. Besides, there are also three different game modes to pass the time.

  • Let’s surf: infinite mode

In this mode you have to navigate as far as possible avoiding obstacles and the kraken. It is possible to change modes via the game settings menu.

In this second mode, on the other hand, the end of the navigation must be reached as quickly as possible. You will have to collect the coins to get an even shorter time. The aim of the game is always the same: to be able to find the shortest path possible. It is possible to change modes via the game settings menu.

Here you have to navigate through as many ports as possible. The series will be restored if you lose the passage on a door, but you can continue playing until the expiration of lives. Here too you can change modes via the game settings menu.

Microsoft Edge: you can also play with external devices

A novelty compared to what happens with Google Chrome is to be able to play not only from the keyboard but also via the mouse and other external devices. The minigame is also supported by touch devices and by controllers such as the Xbox, PlayStation and Switch Pro, in addition to the Xbox Adaptive Controller. The game also supports gamepad tactile feedback for a more immersive experience. Instructions on how to play, including controls for each input method, are available in the game settings menu.
As for the scores, ” Let’s Surf ”, records the highest score and you will even receive a notification every time a new score record is made. Finally for facilitate less experienced players Reduced speed mode is also possible: here, in this case, the pace is much more relaxed and you can play with longer browsing time by slowing down the speed of the game.

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