Microchip under the skin to open the car and more …


Have a microchip implanted under your skin to open your car it is no longer science fiction, but reality! It happened in America where the owner of one Tesla Model 3 (Ben Workman) had himself threaded under a chip which allows him to open the car without using the keys or various remote controls.
And it also seems this fashion of the microhip under radio frequency (RFID) is spreading like wildfire even on humans after the extensive use of microchip to identify the dogs.

Microchip under the skin to open the car

We didn’t end up on set Blade Runner but it’s all true: a man he had a microchip implanted under his skin to open his car, a Tesla Model 3 without using the key. The protagonist of this story is Ben Workman, American citizen of the state of Utah.

The Tesla Model 3 opens with a microchip under the skin

The man tells the microphones of an American news venue that has decided to have the chips under the skin to avoid losing your keys Tesla Model 3, model of electric car widespread in the United States of America. Now, to open his car, all he has to do is put his hand on the door pillar. Science fiction movie stuff but it seems to be becoming common practice in America.

chip under car skin tesla model 3
Ben Workman has chips under his skin implanted to open his Tesla Model 3

How do you implant a subcutaneous microchip?

Workman he implanted the subcutaneous microchip by going to a piercing studio. To make this technology effective within his body, he was inspired by the same principle used by Apple Pay and Google Pay for transponder transitions (those that allow contactless payments) and obviously he did not reveal in detail how he managed keeping everything secret.

Microchip under the skin…. Here’s how it works

Chip under the skin to open the doors, the car, turn on the PC …

The human body is capable of hosting multiple chips implanted under the skin. Indeed the Tesla key implanted under the skin it is not the only chip that Ben Workman It owns. It has three more: the first implant is for opening the door of his office, the second to turn on and off your PC and the third to share any personal data via the internet.

The first two chips were implanted by a relative who skillfully performed the operation subcutaneously by inserting them using a syringe, almost certainly dissolving the plastic of the chip and transferring it to a biopolymer (biomolecules that contain monomeric units).

How do microchips work under the skin?

The microchips under the skin work with a radio frequency through which a reader is able to communicate, dialogue and exchange information. RFID devices are wireless reading and / or writing systems that have been spreading in recent years with the NFC standard (Near Field Communication, 13.56 MHz and up to 10 cm.

The risks of the microchip under the skin

It is a radio frequency identification system RFID a technology used for the identification and / or storage of information relating to objects, animals or people. It is the same system that is used in dogs, which in Italy are required to identify with a microchip.

Credit card microchip, under the skin

Now Workman aims to get implanted under skin the credit card chip, so that you can get around without having to carry any documents.

Technology becomes more and more an integral part of our lifestyle but, until now, it has never been “inside us”. The symbiosis between human being and technology does nothing but increase: is this the future we are heading for?

Watch the video of the Tesla under-skin chip for April

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