Michele, the two-year-old boy who had swallowed a vine, died


Five days of agony, which the family lived by holding on to the fragile hope that a miracle could wake them from that nightmare. In the end, however, the little one Michele Bitca, 2 years old, he didn’t make it. The injuries sustained by that screw that had blocked his trachea were too serious. The doctors of the Pediatrics of Padua, where he had been transferred by the Angel on Monday afternoon, given the complexity of his clinical picture, found his death on Friday afternoon. It all happened in seconds, in the garden of a Zelarino house. The father of the child is Anatolie Bitca, a Moldovan Orthodox priest from Mestre, protopresbyter of the 1st archiepiscopal vicariate. The family was in the garden when the child suddenly collapsed on the ground. Unable to understand what had happened, they called 118: the doctors of Suem Mestrino, who arrived on site in a few moments, began the maneuvers for resuscitation. The baby had ended up in cardiac arrest, and the health personnel tried in every way to restore the beat. It was difficult to intubate him to understand that the baby had something that was blocking his respiratory tract: the metal screw in the middle of the trachea prevented any form of oxygenation. The numerous cardiac massages practiced traced the vine and the doctors eventually managed to extract it.
At that point, however, that tiny foreign body had already done irreparable damage: too many minutes without being able to breathe and in cardiac arrest. At that point, the boy’s life was hanging by a thread and hence the decision to transfer him to the pediatric resuscitation department of Padua, the most equipped in the region for emergencies of this type. From the beginning, however, even the staff of the hospital in the city of the city had explained to the family that the situation was very critical. Michele fought like a lion, stationary for four days, until the dramatic worsening of Friday which decreed his death. Immense pain for parents and the Orthodox community. The Zelarino community was also deeply shaken by the story: the Bitca family is well known in the village. The child’s funeral would already have been set for Thursday: it will be held in the church of the former Umberto I hospital, a place of worship for the Venetian and Mistress Orthodox.


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