Michela Persico exclusive: “The Covid-19? At the beginning a lot of fear, especially for pregnancy”


Mild symptoms, but a lot of fear. At the beginning. Because if the Covid arrives during one pregnancy, when it is still not known what effects it may have, then, it is inevitable that in isolation the head gallops with thoughts. Michela Perch, black and white’s girlfriend Daniele Rugani and she was immediately positive (11-12 March) and told us about her experience. “Now I’m fine, but I must say that I had been affected by Covid in a mild form: loss of smell, fever, fatigue. Compared to serious cases, I can say that Daniele and I were lucky in that sense. The difficulties, for me, were above all in terms of mood: the great concern for pregnancy, the fact of being alone since Daniele was also sick, the distance and the concern for my family. My parents told me that the only background music was the ambulances … It was still early March. Bergamo was already very affected. But I was trying to create a protective shield: unconsciously you want to try to calm down. Then Daniele gave me the news. The day I learned about Daniele’s positivity, I took mine for granted. I remember very well: it was one evening, I was sitting on the sofa. My brain went short, I asked a billion questions about what could happen to the fetus. Being a completely new virus, the effects and consequences could not be known. So for the first two days I was very scared: two thousand calls and everyone reassured me and then, thanks to my character, I tried to react. You should never cry over yourself. Since the situation was under control, I said to myself: “no alarms”, being pregnant I have to be calm. So I created my daily routine, which then lasted for 35 days in all. Many video calls to Daniele and my parents. Then I dedicated myself to my animals: two cats, a poodle and two turtles. I tried to do some sport and exercise that I could do despite the tiredness. Readings, films, house cleaning. And I cooked a lot: sweets of all kinds».

As he also documented via Instagram. Did you find so much affection via social media?

Yes, and this thing surprised me. For me, social media are sometimes a means for business purposes, other times for fun. But you never know who’s behind the keyboard and comments of all kinds occur. Until now I had used filters not giving rise to comments. In this period, however, having only the smartphone as a “company”, I used it more. I have also found affection from unimaginable people. Industry operators have also given me strength: doctors, obstetricians».

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