Michael Bay brings a pandemic thriller to the cinema


The first film shot since the start of the pandemic will be in the United States of America. Adam Goodman and Michael Bay are the producers of “Songbird”, a lockdown-themed thriller directed by Adam Mason.

First US pandemic film, Michael Bay among producers (Getty Images)

If Italy already has it in the pipeline several pandemic themed film projects, the United States has moved forward. In fact, filming will begin officially in four weeks “Songbird”. A pandemic thriller, the first entirely produced and shot in Los Angeles during the lockdown.

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The United States places the flag even in this case: they start working actively again, taking on the burdens and honors. Adam Goodman, with Michael Bay, will be the producer of the work. The direction is entrusted to Adam Mason (“Into the Dark”) who is working hard together with Simon Boyes, author of the script.

USA, filming of the first film on the pandemic begins

Michael Bay brings the pandemic to the cinema with a thriller (Getty Images)
Michael Bay brings the pandemic to the cinema with a thriller (Getty Images)

Temporarily we work remotely, waiting for the ok of the unions who at first seemed a little reluctant to authorize the shooting. Then, in front of an impeccable security protocol, would have given their consent to shoot. The project, already well advanced as can be seen from the first details, will be set in the near future with some revisiting to make the script more palatable: the pandemic in the film has not disappeared. Indeed, living conditions have deteriorated and the virus continues to undergo dangerous changes. Science fiction gives way, this time, to strategies and pro-governmental plots.

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The plot is there and it also seems to be very compelling, the green light for filming has arrived, you just have to wait to get to work: a month goes by quickly. Meanwhile, the first directives to the choral cast have been given, further details also on the shooting mode. No actor will ever be together in the same room, as social distancing imposes during a scene: space only for the interpreters involved and the train drivers who will share scene after scene.

Furthermore, the moments are excluded “face to face” among the protagonists: each set will be prepared in advance – also in this case in order to avoid gatherings – by the entire crew of toolmakers, sound engineers, and train drivers. A new way of working for as many needs and priorities: net of anxieties and fears, this will be a further test for old and new directors forced – from the pandemic – to reinvent (also innovate, where possible) your job not to succumb professionally.

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