Messi: “Nothing will be the same as before. Not even football” – La Gazzetta dello Sport


Covid seen by the champions. Nadal: “I don’t believe in looking for a new normal. The new normal will be what we accept”

El Pais Semanal, a Sunday supplement to the Spanish newspaper, is on newsstands today with a special issue dedicated to life after the coronavirus. In a long report entitled ‘The future is already here’ the reflections of many characters are collected, from Ferran Adrià to Brigitte Bardot, from David Guetta to Norman Foster, from Franco Vattimo to Nuccio Order, from Miquel Barcelò to Isabel Coixet. In sports there are the words of Leo Messi and Rafa Nadal.


“We still have doubts about what the world will look like after what happened. Beyond the confinement and the situation that took us by surprise, many people were really bad and were directly affected by the loss of family and friends, loved ones to whom they have not even been able to offer a last farewell. In this crisis there have been many negative things, but there is nothing worse than losing someone you love. It is something that generates a great frustration and that makes me it seems the most unfair thing. ”


“Football? Like life in general it will no longer be the same as before. Each of us will remember in our own way what has happened. In my case with a feeling of pain and frustration for those who suffered most from the loss of people to them dear. And with infinite thanks for those people who fought to fight the virus in health centers. Football and sport is clear that they have been hit. In the economic sphere because there are sports-related businesses that are experiencing a difficult situation because of fault of the virus. And in sports because the return to training and competition takes place differently than before. The usual dynamics change. ”


“I think of fields and full stadiums, as I like to see them. You have to be patient and find medicine, but I don’t believe in this thing of the search for a new normal. The new normal will be what we accept. I like to see people , embracing people, sharing with people … and we have to try these things again. We cannot be content with just eternally respecting the rules of social distancing “. Nadal has created a fund to help tennis players in difficulty and has contributed to raising € 5.5 million to support 800 colleagues overwhelmed by the coronavirus, 400 men and 400 women.

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