Mes, the trap of Ursula von der Leyen. Present the first proposal to make it criticized by hawks as Rutte – Libero Quotidiano


Second Dagospia the proposal of the european commission sl Mes made by Ursula von der Leyen on paper it would not be bad for Italy. But by presenting it more than three weeks before the European Council which is expected to discuss and approve it, the President of the Commission gave way to the Dutch falcon Rutte to have plenty of time to bomb and wear it down. The timing, clarifies the site of Roberto D’Agostino, have been miscalculated, the advance does not help those who want to increase the resources available.

And then why do we speak of only 10 billion for Italy in 2020? In Brussels they want to put the government in a corner: there will be money later only if you now take those of the former state-saving fund. That may also be without conditionality in intentions, but there is nothing to prevent the various clauses of the treaties (not repealed) from being resurrected in the future. There Germany to make the EU hawks accept the non-repayable loan, it needs to hook us into a fiscal-rigged parachute, so that if theItaly were to fail and go overboard with the public finances, the director of Mes Klaus Regling to pull the emergency rope.

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