Merkel rejects Trump’s invitation to the G7 due to the pandemic


There are 232,248 total contagions from Coronavirus in Italy, with an increase of 516 cases; there are 2240 new healed. Here is the updated data in all the Regions:

Lombardy: 88,537

Piedmont: 30.501

Emilia Romagna: 27,739

Veneto: 19.134

Tuscany: 10,088

Liguria: 9,619

Lazio: 7,709

Brands: 6.723

Campania: 4,787

Puglia: 4,482

Trento: 4,428

Sicily: 3,440

Friuli VG: 3,267

Abruzzo: 3,237

Bolzano: 2,595

Umbria: 1,431

Sardinia: 1,356

Aosta Valley: 1,182

Calabria: 1,158

Molise: 436

Basilicata: 399

It is not yet clear what will happen starting from Monday 3 June, the date on which the movements between regions should start again not only for reasons of necessity: not all areas of Italy could open, starting from Lombardy. According to the Lombard councilor Gallera, the key date for the reopening of Lombardy could be June 8th. In this regard, the director of the ISS Silvio Brusaferro said that the contagion in Italy still continues to proceed at three different speeds; Brusaferro also warned about a second wave risk of Coronavirus in the fall, echoing what the WHO also said about the concrete possibility of new waves of infection occurring. There is the date for the resumption of Serie A: we will start playing again on 19 June with Atalanta-Sassuolo.

Over 5.8 million infections by Coronavirus in the world and over 360 thousand deaths; the first country in terms of number of cases remains the United States, but worries Latin America which has recorded over 878,000 infections and 46 thousand deaths. From June 15, Greece will reopen the borders with 29 countries, but the borders with Italy are still closed.

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