Mercury visible to the naked eye at dusk


Eyes to the sky: Mercury visible to the naked eye © eltiempohoy

TERMOLI. An appointment not to be missed today 31 May with the observation of the planet Mercury ready to show at sunset.

A fairly rare event, not so much for the distance of just 58 million kilometers but for its location.

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun and is, for this reason, the most difficult to observe among those visible to the naked eye.

Often, in fact, it is located in an internal position and is dazzled by the Sun, so from here we can only see the opposite side to our star and nothing when it is above the horizon.

It takes 88 days to complete a full orbit and this makes it very difficult to see for many consecutive days.

“Cknown since the time of the Sumerians, its name is taken from Roman mythology. The planet has been associated with Mercury messenger of the gods, probably because of its rapid movement in the sky. Its astronomical symbol is a stylized version of the god’s caduceus“. (Wikipedia)

So, tonight just wait for the sunset, and from 20.45 the stay of Mercury will be about two hours immersed in the twilight lights before setting in turn.

And it does not end here, to give us a Sunday evening in the name of romance there will also be a splendid crescent moon, the two stars will be visible in the same portion of the sky until 10 pm.

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