Mercury stages his best show. Here’s when


The truth is that nature can give us shows of unparalleled beauty. And we can say that this 2020 was the year of heaven, it is here in fact that sun, moon and other planets have danced for us from sunrise to sunset.

But these scientific events, which seem magical and fabulous to us, are destined not to end, this time in fact it is the turn of Mercury, which will show itself to the world and to our eyes in all its beauty. Calendar in hand, get ready to mark these dates because the show you will attend will be incredible beauty.

On May 31, our sky will host another unmissable astronomical event, one that will allow us to be able to admire the innermost planet of the solar system and the closest to the Sun with the naked eye: Mercury will finally show itself to everyone.

A quite rare event this, which will make one of the most difficult planets visible, as well as being very close to the Earth, in fact, Mercury is dazzled by the sun and takes a full 88 days to complete a orbit and this makes it very rare to see it.

Throughout March and April, while the other planets staged incredible shows, Mercury has remained hidden, until today. Eyes on the sky then, the appointment is on May 31, day when the first planet of the solar system will be visible to the naked eye.

Apparently the conditions for observing it in the twilight, on the western horizon, are also the best in recent years, which is why it is an appointment unique and absolutely unmissable. If it is true that, in binoculars in hand, someone has already managed to admire the fleeting beauty of the planet, it is equally true that only on May 31 Mercury will be clearly visible to the naked eye in the evening sky.

Shortly after sunset, a beautiful crescent moon will appear on the western horizon and among the twilight lights we could admire the special guest, Mercury. She will also be accompanied by the Moon, the two celestial bodies can be seen in the same portion of the sky until around 10 pm.

The show begins.

Mercury – Source 123rf

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