Men and Women, Sirius pinched on Tinder?


The knowledge between Gemma Galgani and Nicola Vivarelli is going live. The dream atmosphere experienced in the last exterior of Men and Women was however disturbed by new indiscretions about the young suitor. According to some gossip sites, in fact, Sirius would have an active profile on Tinder, the well-known dating portal.

In the last episode of Men and women the couple lived a fairytale exterior with Gemma dressed as a princess and the young officer in the role of the prince. Languid looks, sweet words and the visible emotion of the Turin lady have catalyzed the attention of the public on their much discussed relationship. The two continue, however, their knowledge at a fast pace, but all around the rumors grow.

The notable age difference between Gemma and Sirius (over 40 years) has made many people turn up their noses since the beginning of their knowledge. Starting with the opinionator Tina Cipollari, who since their first virtual chats had nicknamed the couple with a sarcastic “grandmother and granddaughter”. Even the fans are sure that the handsome officer is only looking for visibility and the recent attention paid by Sirius to another lady of Maria De Filippi’s dating show, Valentina, would be a confirmation. Between Nicola and Valentina, in the last episodes, there were glances of understanding and arrows, which made Gemma jealous, more and more taken by the 26 year old. However, the discovery of a profile on Tinder that seems to lead back to Vivarelli has caused a stir in the last few hours.

As reported by the portal “Isa and Chia“, some fans of the broadcast would have discovered that Nicola Vivarelli, aka Sirius, would have a personal profile on the famous dating app, Tinder. The account shows several photos of the young merchant marine officer, some even in sensual poses. It is difficult to know, for the moment, if it is a fake profile (which improperly uses images of Sirius but is not managed by him) or if the page has been opened by Nicola Vivarelli to meet new girls. The controversy has already started. Is Sirius really in love with Gemma Galgani as he confirmed in the last episodes or, as Tina often repeats, is it just business? In the next episodes of the program it is certain that Gemma will investigate the new leaked indiscretion.

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