Men and Women, Pamela Barretta and Enzo Capo, botta and response on social media


For the ex couple of the throne over still accusations and recriminations.

Continue on hit and answer at a distance between the former Apulian lady Pamela Barretta and the entrepreneur from Campania Enzo Capo, the former pair of Men and women which has been known in the ranks of the parterre of the throne over. A love story that seemed to have ended like a fairy tale only to then take on both behaviors that ignited quarrels and jealousies. During the last date they were guests on the program, Enzo he left the studio earlier than expected, extremely upset by the confrontation with the ex Apulian lady.

Men and Women, Pamela Barretta and Enzo Capo, botta and response on social media

To feed the disagreements between the two, there are even their respective fan pages on social networks. About that, Pamela replied to one of these pages which published a click of Enzo with a girl accompanied the photo embraced to the ex knight accompanied by the ironic phrase: “I confirm! For him only young girls!”, referring to the accusation that the Barretta he did to his ex, that is to prefer girls in their twenties.

A joke that didn’t appeal to Pamela who replied by publishing a picture of him “Remember that when you throw jokes at me, like only young girls’ for him (because you will be 20 years old) you make people laugh! the beautiful Pugliese wrote on Instagram.

But it didn’t end here because later Enzo shared a thought from one of his fan pages that read the following sentence: “She has been attacking for days, How long will it last? Will the day you do it be criticized? “, which evidently expresses the ex’s pernsiero knight.

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