Men and women advances today: Sirius will have a challenger


A new knight arrives to men and women ready to immediately challenge Sirius: will he take Gemma away from him? Here’s what will happen today in the episode

Men and women it never ceases to amaze and a new twist will animate today’s episode, Tuesday 26 May, broadcast at 14:40 on Canale 5. Gemma Gargani, as we all know, it is all taken up with dating the young man Sirius, 26 years old, ship officer. The handsome Nicola Vivarelli (this is her first name) has conquered her since the first chat. The boy, who never hid his age, sent messages to Gemma who was immediately kidnapped.

If in the episode aired yesterday, Monday 25 May, we have seen Nicola Vivarelli refuse the knowledge of three young and beautiful suitors, who tried but “snatch” it from the exclusive with the Turin lady, will the same happen in the episode that will go to Galgani today?

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A new knight for Gemma: jealous Sirius?

Gemma Galgani

There Turin ladyin fact, it will be achieved in the studies of dating show conducted by Maria De Filippi and produced by Fascino spa, by a new rider, as anticipated by the Wittytv website, the De Filippi transmission portal. The man came to know Gemma Galgani and to try to put the sticks in the wheels to the young Sirius. And it has absolutely no fear.


This gentleman, very determined and evidently convinced of his charm, his potential and his ascendancy on women, in fact, he presents himself as Nicola’s challenger. How will Gemma react to Alfonso’s statements?

The rider, in fact, looks straight into the eyes, first Gemma, then Nicola Vivarelli and says, confident of himself: “I could challenge him!”, Referring to Sirius, of course. Sirius’ gaze is all a program. From the series: my dear, I’m not afraid of you! Will Gemma accept Alfonso’s court or will she continue to want to know only the handsome Nicola who seems to have breached her heart?

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