Men and Women advances: the Alchemist reveals his identity


Written by Simona Tranquilli, May 27, 2020, in Men and Women

Advances Men and Women: the Alchemist shows himself without a mask in the studio

So many twists and turns will tint today’s episode of Men and women. Maria De Filippi will return to show the sentimental reports of ladies and knights, but there will also be room for Giovanna Abate. The advances launched by Wittytv reveal that today finally the Alchemist will show his face. Maria De Filippi will announce that the suitor will go down the stairs for the first time without the mask, even if in reality Giovanna Abate he had already seen his secret suitor. The Roman tronista will still struggle to hold back the emotion and in the studio they will all be curious, especially Gianni Sperti who has always appreciated the way of wooing theAlchemist for Men and Women. The suitor of Giovanna Abate will be a face known to the public of the Canale5 dating show?

Men and Women Over: Armando Incarnato leaves after a report

The advances from men and women reveal that today there will also be space for the protagonists of the Throne Over. In particular Armando Incarnato will be called to the center of the study by Maria De Filippi to clarify a question. According to some reports it would seem that the rider would have spent the quarantine with his ex. Armando Incarnato will deny the gossip but will be severely attacked in the studio. The criticisms received will lead him to leave the broadcast angry, stressing that he is experiencing a nightmare.

Men and Women: Veronica Ursida has a new suitor, Nicola flattered by Valentina

Today at Men and women flowers will come for Veronica Ursida by a mysterious suitor, while Nicola Vivarelli and Gemma Galgani discuss. The 26-year-old will stress that he is flattered by the courtship of Valentina Autiero and the 70-year-old from Turin will not like it, who got mad yesterday with its rival capitoline. Will other suitors arrive for Sirius?

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