men 3 out of 4 died in the 40-59 age group


Coronavirus, women become more infected, but die less. Take the age group between 40 and 59: three times out of four the victim is a man. The data processed by the Higher Institute of Health leave no doubt. At the beginning of the epidemic, the positives were mostly men, but over the days the situation has changed. According to the latest report, women represent 54.1 percent of the over 230,000 positive cases recorded in Italy.

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The average age is 62, while it is confirmed that in the vast majority of cases the patients’ conditions are not worrying (and the percentage of those without symptoms, among those detected as positive, increases day by day). If you add those who have no symptoms, to those who have few or light it reaches 73.5 percent. To these is added 7.3 percent with symptoms whose severity is not defined. In other words, patients in critical conditions are 2.3 percent, those in severe conditions are 16.9.

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Well, but if 54.1 percent of the positives are of female sex, does that mean that women also represent the majority of deaths? No, the opposite is true. The data of the Higher Institute in this case are updated last week. It emerges that 59.5 of the dead are men, a significant difference.Veneto, Luca Zaia: «There are no more contagion explosions»

Applies to almost all age groups, with peaks that make you think: between 30 and 39 years of age deaths are 67.1 percent men; between 40 and 49 even this percentage touches 74 percent, to touch 77 percent between 50 and 59 years: in fact, those who die between the ages of 40 and 59 in three out of four cases are male. Women are the majority of the victims only over the age of 90 (easily explained by the greater longevity) and among the children (out of 4 cases three were females).

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